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The Enlighten team knows that parents are essential to the academic success of their child. Teachers and school leaders have regular interaction with families, both formal and informal. Conferences, including student participation, are held three times during the school year. Parents and the community are welcomed at all times in the school. Frequent events are held including opportunities for parents to understand data and student progress as well as explore ways to continue to support student learning in the home environment. Events are also held to celebrate accomplishments and instill a love of learning. 


Community involvement is highly encouraged. By weaving together school and community resources, it is our intent to create a safety net for our students and reduce barriers to learning. A holistic positive culture and climate in the school building is dependent upon parent and community involvement. 


Community connections also afford opportunities for enrichment and experience beyond the schoolhouse.   


Schools that become a center of a neighborhood or community—and not just a place to send students for a few hours each day—have historically higher academic achievement, regardless of the social and economic status.  When a school serves as a community “center,” school culture and climate extends throughout the community and not just within the walls of the building.