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Our Partners

Enlighten Academy Charter School is thrilled to partner with ServeMinnesota. Through this innovative partnership, we have confidence that all of our learners will be on grade level by third grade.

Reading by Third Grade is the Gateway to Learning

Right now, nearly one in three third-graders in Minnesota is failing to reach basic levels of literacy. If kids aren’t reading proficiently by third grade, the odds are against them for all future learning. Because of this, our nation is facing an epidemic of academic failure.

By using innovative, evidence-based practices and personalized tutoring, Minnesota Reading Corps has demonstrated proven results to help close Minnesota’s growing achievement gap. Nearly 80% of Minnesota Reading Corps participants achieved more than a year’s worth of progress in one year’s time, exceeding state and national averages and dramatically surpassing what is typically expected. (Read more research about Reading Corps on our Center for Advancing Research to Practice page.) 

Since 2003, Minnesota Reading Corps has grown from serving 250 children to about 30,000 at more than 800 sites statewide. Studies show that by increasing investments in quality early childhood literacy interventions, the whole community can anticipate a return of up to $12 for every $1 invested.