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Our Beliefs

Our school’s vision and mission and our enduring commitment to our students, families, and the East Side community are grounded in seven core values. These values reflect our history and tradition, and our unwavering commitment to hope opportunity, and excellence for all we serve.


At Enlighten Academy we are:


Captivated by learninghonoring the dignity of each child, cherishing the profoundly transformative relationships found in our classrooms and community;


People of peace…promoting equity, justice and growth in all our relationships, and in the world, we make new for the delight and prosperity of all our children;


A community of gentlenessunderstanding that encouragement, hospitality, motivation, and genuine respect distinguish classrooms of relevance in a school honoring the lived experience of all students and their families;


Committed to respecting and accepting one anotherembracing the beauty and diversity of the East Side, lifting up the dignity and individuality of all who are a part of our school community;


Always meeting the needs of our timedesigning and delivering a relevant and responsive learning experience that prepares our students well for their unfolding lives in a rapidly changing world;


Dedicated to excellencein all, we do in the classroom, in the office, and in the community; and most importantly, in our students’ life and learning journeys; and,


Distinguished by joy and service…embracing the love of learning, love of self, commitment to service and respect for our neighbors—with creativity and exuberance—is what we’re all about.